Daily McBeal
Richard: I understand your anger.
Client: Do you? Have you ever experienced infidelity, Mr. Fish?/
Richard: Many times, though not as the victim.
Being unmarried isn’t a stigma to men: eligible bachelor… old maid. Society drills it into us that women should be married
If you were so afraid that he might have overheard what you were just saying, chances are you weren’t being loyal to him by saying it.
Nelle Porter
I wish you hadn’t said “movement” in the same sentence as “unisex,” it’s making me have to go. Ode to the bran muffin. Two minutes to blastoff!
Richard Fish
Ally gets vomited on

Ally gets vomited on

It would be hypocritical for me to ask, it would suggest I care.
Ling Woo
Richard: So if a woman doesn't want sex, it's ok, but if a man doesn't want it, he's gay?
Ling: Yes. That isn't just me, it's a medical fact.